Details of Sighting

Date 13th July 1959 Time 5:405:45AM Place Old Renwick Rd, Blenheim

Date 13th July 1959 Time 5:405:45AM Place Old Renwick Rd, Blenheim

Date 13th July 1959 Time 5:405:45AM Place Old Renwick Rd, Blenheim

Their headgear seemed to be like divers helmets which glittered very brightly

Enclosed Statement

From: R.N.Z.A.F. Station Woodbourne
To: Air Department Wellington (attention A.C.A.S.)
Date: 15th July 1959
Ref: WOOD. C.7/AIR

Sighting of Unidentified Object

1.Herewith statements concerning the alleged sighting of an unidentified object in the vicinity of Blenheim.

2.On Monday 13th July 1959, 73847 LAC Moreland F.J., a Patrolman employed at RNZAF Station Woodbourne, described to me an object which his wife had reported seeing early that morning.

3.LAC Moreland has a small farm holding situated at Old Renwick Road, approximately two miles from Blenheim township.

4.Mrs Moreland had reported the matter to the Blenheim Police. A copy of her statement is attached.

5.Acting on instructions from RNZAF H.Q., I informed Senior Sergeant Adams of the Blenheim Police of my intention to visit the site and he suggested that Detective Sergeant Hoy should accompany me.

6.Detective Sergeant Hoy informed me that the police consider Mrs Moreland to be a rational and stable person from their personal knowledge of her when she was of assistance to them on another matter.

7.Attached is a description of the object together with sketches based on a rough pencil drawing by Mrs Moreland and a sketch of the area at which the sighting took place.

8.At the time of the visit there were no visible signs of anything unusual nor was there any trace of the peculiar smell mentioned by Mrs Moreland.

Group Captain Commanding
R.N.Z.A.F. Station Woodbourne



It was about 25 to 6 this morning when I switched on the cowshed light and walked out across the paddock to bring in the cows. When I got about half way across the paddock, I noticed a green light above me in the clouds.There was complete low cloud cover, and while I was looking at it wondering what this green light was, I saw an oval shaped object appear from which two green beams shone straight down. They were definite lights. The object appeared to be coming down, and then it sort of stopped, and I could see fiery orange jets round the outside edge. They went round and round, and seemed to be rotating opposite ways, and were travelling at a very high speed, but appeared to slow down when the object stopped.

The green light came from under the bottom of the object and diffused over large areaapproximately 50 yards. As soon as I found myself enveloped in this peculiar green glow, I made for some pine trees, having run from the centre of the paddock to the shelter of the trees on the approach of the object.

From where I stood under the trees I could see this glassy cowl over the top and I could also see two men in it. The rear one stood up and appeared to lean forward and rest his hands on a table, and appeared to be looking down between his hands. After a second or two he sat back and the machine tilted and the orangy [SIC] lights stopped whirling. The men appeared to be encased in silvery shiny suits from the waist upwards when they were sitting. Their headgear seemed to be like divers helmets which glittered very brightly. They appeared to be normal sized people. One of the men never moved at all. I could not see that they were carrying on any conversation at all.

The circumference of the object appeared to be about 20 yards across and about 4 to 5 feet through. When it appeared to stop, it was about 15 feet above the ground.

When the object was hovering and I could see the two men, the light inside seemed like ordinary electric light. When I was half way across the paddock, I had my torch switched on, but when I was enveloped in the green light I could not see my torch light at all. The orange lights were very bright, but the green light cut the orange light out completely for a while.

The object appeared to hover for a few seconds, and then with a high pitched whistle it took off straight up into the sky and disappeared. After a while I was left in a whaft of hot peppery air, or it smelt like pepper. When the object had gone, there appeared to be no difference in the surrounding.

Record of Telephone Message

DATE: 13th July 1959
ADDRESS: Old Renwick Road
PHONE: 3600



‘You may think that I am mad, but I saw a flying saucer about 5:40AM this morning. I was walking from the house to the cowshed, and when going across the paddock, I noticed a green glow in the cloud, and then all at once a round thing came down into view with two green lights pointing to the ground, I could see a light greenish glow on the ground, and around the edge was what appeared to be something like two elevator belts, one going one way, and one the other. As it came down, it was just low enough for me to see a long cowling affair, and there were two men in it, and one stood up, and leaned forward, and I could see as he leaned over something that he was silvery coloured, and he shone all over.

I have told my husband, but he thinks I am drunk, and by the way, it left a smell just like pepper, well that’s how I can describe it, and as it left it made a high pitched whine noise. It was about 30 feet across, and when I saw it it was above my head and to one side, and I did notice that there were some sparks flying also as it left.’

Sketch of the UFO and details of the event

Report taken from file number
AIR 244/10/1 Volume 1